AirBoss pneumatic tools are available to meet the needs of different customer groups. Three differently positioned pneumatic wrenches are produced; Divided into

  1. The highest quality and light weight industrial grade (exclusive patented product)
  2. Industrial grade.
  3. An affordable professional grade designed for auto repair.
  4. AIRBOSS lightweight products are different from the common non-environmental plastic steel materials in the market. AIRBOSS lightweight series is made of exclusive patents for magnesium alloy lightweight products, featuring light weight, high precision, high pressure resistance, long service life and all environmentally friendly materials. It can be recycled. It truly protects the earth. The design is ergonomic and comfortable for the user. The exclusive patent extends the life by 100%, which is equivalent to reducing the consumer cost. The product weight is reduced by 20%,Reduce the user's fatigue.
  5. This year's biggest attraction in the pneumatic tool industry, AirBoss has invented the world's shortest pneumatic wrench. The total length is only 84mm. It is 35% shorter than the marketed product. This is a major innovation. Industrial products can shorten 3%-5%. It is not simple.
  • Special innovation is AIRBOSS. Pneumatic tools.
  • The shortest pneumatic wrench in Lighter better, enhance your brand value.
  • If you want to be different, it must be AIRBOSS.


Our products advantages:
Unique and innovative, fit in with ergonomics, Holds longer products life, and high capability price.

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